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At Absolute Technology, we have excellent team of service engineers and we can offer services for water treatment systems & wastewater treatment plants of any make. We also undertake AMC for water treatment & wastewater treatment plants of any make.

The Company has well equipped infrastructure. The company is equipped with modern manufacturing unit with latest technologies and machines required. It possesses a strong team of highly qualified trained engineers. The company has a sophisticated in-house center that looks after the designing and manufacturing of all equipments and plants for various technologies.

The company ensures high quality water treatment equipments and plants. Each component in every system is properly built and checked by th Q.C. department before delivering to the customers. The company ensures high degree of reliability and maintains stringent quality standards.
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Treatment Scheme
Due to the bacteria, virus, chemicals and suspended impurities you may experience many problems - recurring illnesses, falling hair, inefficient lathering of soaps, stickiness of the skin after a bath, scaling in water heaters, washing machines and yellow, stained clothes. These may cause harm to our health and ruin your expensive equipment. Therefore it's necessary to treat water whether for drinking purpose or for external or process use.

Technology used for water problems
Bullet UV Disinfectant Bullet Water Softener
Bullet Reverse Osmosis Bullet Iron Removal
Bullet Micron Filtration Bullet Carbon Media Filtration

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Wastewater such as Sewage / Sullage water from Bathing, Toilet Urine / Night Soil, Kitchen, Hand wash, Floor washing, etc. may experience many pollution (septic) problems to the environment. Therefore it's necessary to reduce the BOD, COD and Suspended Solids in the wastewater through wastewater management.

Technology used for wastewater managements
Bullet Sewage Treatment Plant Bullet Bio-Gas Plant

Now, Absolute Technology, experts in water, waste water & organic solid waste management offers the total solution for domestic, institution, hospitals, clubs, hotels, canteens, hatcheries, fish farming, soft drinks, bottle water production, swimming pool water disinfection, turnkey projects for mineral water plants.

We have a group of professional and experienced engineers to manage the whole production process in order to provide the best quality product to you. Our mission is to ensure 100% Quality and Reliable products, efficiently customize different requirement, offer competitive pricing and supply 'THE BEST’ product with excellent service backup. We are looking forward for mutually beneficial and long lasting association with your organization.